How to cut exposed aggregate concrete driveway

Why It’s Better To Call The Professionals To Cut Your Exposed Aggregate Driveway

There are a lot of reasons why a driveway made of concrete may have to be cut. If there are problems with underlying sewer pipes, cracks in the concrete, expansion joints to be added and more. Exposed aggregate can be a bit difficult to cut and get a nice finish on since the exposed rocks are extremely hard, much harder than concrete. There are special tools that can be used by professionals, here are some tips.

You’ll Have People Tell You That Cutting An Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway Is Hard

Normally, if all you’re cutting is just concrete you can buy or rent a concrete cutting saw or even just put a diamond blade your circular saw and get the job done. But with the exposed aggregate you’ll have the problem of getting a straight and smooth cut because the aggregate is very hard, many times harder than concrete.

There is, however, a special concrete cutting saw that you can use that has a large diamond blade and a liquid cooling system. You can most likely rent one at the local tool rental yard, however, by the time you rent the saw, buy the cooling liquid, and waste your time doing it, you most likely could have paid a professional crew to do it instead.

The biggest key to getting a perfectly straight, smooth cut, that isn’t jagged and ugly is to have a firm grip on the saw at all times, then go slow and don’t force the cut. If you push too hard the blade will slip to the side of the smooth aggregate rocks and leave a zigzag cut as you go. Let the wet-diamond blade do all the work and keep the cooling liquid flowing. If you push too hard, not only will you get an uneven cut, but you may also burn or scorch the expensive diamond blade which Pro Concrete Cutting use.

The guys at the rental yard will inspect the blade before you leave and then again when you return. If it looks like you’ve ruined it, you may have to pay a high price for a replacement. Also, it’s quite possible that the previous renter of the saw has already ruined the blade and you won’t be able to get your job done and still might have to pay for the blade.

If you’re in doubt, call the professionals (click here) , they’ll have a nice sharp blade and know exactly how to use it. It takes some skill and you probably would rather have it done right than have a squirrely cut that you can’t be proud of.